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Tri-Line Recording Solution

Secure, integrated platform for recording ISDN and VOIP phone calls


Echo adds call recording capabilities to your existing TIM Plus® or TIM Enterprise® call logger.

It captures live VoIP traffic from a network or connects to physical ISDN lines using our hardware devices to transform your TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise product into a secure voice recording platform for listening to all of your calls.

By linking Echo with your call logger, any time you see an itemized phone call - in a report or a call search list - you can simply click on that call to hear the audio recording for it.

And because it's fully integrated, you use the exact same web interface you're already familiar with.

What can it record?

Echo can record the following types of phone calls:

  1. VoIP sessions:SIP / SCCP RTP recording with no additional hardware required

  2. ISDN 30/E1/T1/PRI: Using our hardware intercept devices

How it works

Unlike other systems, Echo stores the voice recording against the user, not the phone line or SIP trunk.

This makes finding voice recordings simple because you use the existing search tools in your call logger that you're already familiar with.

Because Echo and your call logger communicate with each other, they can reconcile the detailed phone call information from the call logger with the audio recording events from Echo.


Echo brings an array of additional features to your TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise call logger:

Click to play

Wherever you see an itemised call in any of your call logging reports or call search results, you can simply click on the call and listen to it!

Call annotation

As well as storing the audio of a call, you can add your own textual notes, too.

Call auditing

You'll be able to find out who and when people have listened to a specific call from right inside your call logger.

If you have any questions or you need more information, please reach out to us at:


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