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SamaWave Professional Services

SamaWave is proud to have a highly skilled technical team who can solve customer IT problems in a timely manner.

When it comes to hardware and licenses, Customers usually compare multiple offers from multiple vendors using the price criteria, however, it is very hard to apply the same criteria to professional services.

Q1: How do customers evaluate professional services?

Q2: What service aspects are more valuable to the customer?

Q3: How do customers compare services offering from multiple vendors?

Q4: Why should any customer select SamaWave Solutions team as a service provider?

we can answer the above questions by the below simple points:

1) Fast response time:

SamaWave is proud to say, we are one of the best vendors in the Saudi Market in this criteria, and many of our customers value this aspect highly as our quick come back to customers' issues are always appreciated.

2) Fast resolution time:

We don't claim we are experts in all fields, but if a certain solution is within our expertise, we excel in it,

SamaWave technical team will solve problems so fast to put your IT systems back in operation at the soonest.

3) Commitment:

Once the customer decides to go with us, SamaWave is committed and responsible to deliver the best service and go the extra mile to get the best satisfaction possible.

4) Quality:

SamaWave highly care to deliver the best quality possible to our customers, and we are always improving in order to make our services and processes better every day.

5) Reachability:

You can reach our team via all channels: email, phone, help desk system, and even Whatsapp.

Some Customers have some misconceptions when it comes to professional services, below are few examples:

Customer Message #1:

If a certain service takes you little time to solve, that means you should charge a small amount because it didn't take that much effort from your team.

SamaWave Response

Our team didn't learn to solve issues quickly in one day, it took them hundreds of training hours, and years of experience to reach a level where they can troubleshoot and solve issues quickly.

Customer Message #2:

I don't care about resolution time, then you should charge me less because of that.

SamaWave Response

In this case, the customer doesn't care about time, but 100% he cares about the quality of the service to be top-notch,

Also, the customer need to value clear communication and transparency during the implementation.

Customer Message #3:

Another X Partner charge less money than you for services, then he is better than you.

SamaWave Response

You can't compare services in terms of just "prices", many of our customers did that, and they ended up coming back to SamaWave, As they found out that other vendors simply don't care about customer satisfaction, unlike SamaWave.

Customer Message #4:

If another vendor can solve a certain issue in 48 hours with a cost 5K SAR.

and SamaWave can solve the same issue within half an hour at a cost 10K SAR.

Which service provider do you see is better?

SamaWave Response

The way we see it, you need to value the vendor that you trust to give the best quality service with the best delivery time possible, and in this case, SamaWave is a clear choice.

for more of our services offering, please check this link

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