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The all new Cisco Meraki MS130, MS130R, and Catalyst Meraki 9300 switches

Powering more possibilities starts with scaling the network across locations

To empower networking teams with more connectivity and flexibility without costly overhead, Cisco is introducing a new, versatile Meraki switching lineup:

MS130: Cost-effective mGig access switches for remote branches and small/medium campuses

  • An extensive product family with 8/12/24/48 port options in compact and full rack size

  • Perfect for connecting and protecting retail point of sale setups, physical security, video conferencing/streaming, or higher bandwidth Wi-Fi deployments, all while reducing operating and deployment costs

MS130R*: First Meraki cloud-managed ruggedized PoE switch for harsh hot/cold/tight environments

  • Extends reliable PoE power and connectivity with IP30 protection and extreme temperature (-40 °F to 158 °F) support.

  • Ideal for outdoor cameras and access points in temperature-challenged environments like parking lots (for physical security and/or seamless curbside pickup), menu board setup,skiing resorts, and pop-up events

Catalyst Meraki 9300 switches for large campuses

  • These switches combine the power of the industry-leading Catalyst switching portfolio with the scalability of Meraki cloud management

  • With the Meraki out-of-box experience, your team can maximize operational efficiency from day 0 and scale faster without compromising performance

For more information or to place an order, please send your request to:


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