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Third-party Local Gateway support for Webex Calling

At Webex, Cisco understands that one size does not fit all, and the Webex Calling team is constantly innovating and improving our products to adapt to the needs of any business size, type, or location. PSTN connectivity is an essential component of telephony systems, and Cisco has developed three options to connect to the PSTN which can be selected by location for a smooth path to the cloud:

  • Cisco Calling Plans

  • Cloud Connect for Webex Calling

  • Local Gateway

Local Gateway

The Local Gateway option for Webex Calling enables customers to connect to the PSTN through a premises-based Local Gateway Session Border Controller (SBC) for industry-leading geographic coverage in over 120 markets worldwide. Local Gateway gives customers the flexibility to bring their own service provider or continue using their existing service provider for a smooth and cost-effective transition to the cloud.

Webex Calling third-party SBC validation program

Until recently, Webex Calling Local Gateway support was limited to Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) physical routers and virtual machines. Cisco has worked continuously to make Webex Calling accessible to more customers around the world, including those that use SBCs from vendors other than Cisco. Cisco is excited to announce the launch of the Webex Calling third-party SBC validation program. This program provides the framework to validate non-Cisco SBCs through rigorous testing and validation with the aim of ensuring feature-rich, reliable, and simple-to-deploy Local Gateway solutions for our customers.

Vendor Support

Cisco has validated third-party SBCs from:

  • AudioCodes

  • Oracle

  • Ribbon Communications

These vendors have completed the validation process to become a compatible Webex Calling Local Gateway provider. Cisco will continue to validate additional vendors in the future.

Feature-rich and reliable calling

Third-party Local Gateway support offers all the benefits you would expect from Cisco:

  • Certificate-based trunks (registration-based trunks are not supported)

  • Rich calling feature support for 100% calling feature compatibility

  • High scalability per trunk or Local Gateway*

  • Reliable and high-quality calling for low-latency reliable calls

  • ICE-Lite media optimization*: Stun-based optimized media path for reduced latency

  • Multi-tenancy: Allowing more than one customer organization per Local Gateway.

  • High Availability: Deployment of more than one Local Gateway for intelligent redundancy

*See vendor documentation for detailed information about capacity and feature support.

The Webex Calling third-party SBC vendor validation eliminates a key barrier to the cloud for businesses that use non-Cisco SBCs. These organizations can now continue to use existing SBCs from supported vendors, for a smooth and cost-effective move to the cloud.

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