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Pioneering Data Center Security with Fortinet's Broad Portfolio

Data centers are no longer the isolated and centralized information hubs of the organization. Today’s data centers are often distributed and flexible, enabling applications, systems, and users to access critical information in real time to quickly respond to the demands of today’s digital markets. And increasingly, hybrid data centers span physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Adaptability, reliability, and scalability are paramount in this rapidly evolving environment. Traditional cybersecurity solutions struggle to keep pace with the exponential growth of data and applications and AI's game-changing impact on the threat landscape.

Fortinet understands the challenges enterprises and security architects face in securing their dynamic data centers, with modern hybrid mesh firewalls playing a critical role in ensuring consistent, end-to-end security across even the most dynamic data center deployments. With our broad portfolio of firewall solutions designed for today’s data centers, we are redefining the industry's standards to ensure that your data center security operates at the speed of your business.

Fortinet's Broad Portfolio of Data Center Firewalls

Fortinet has long been at the forefront of data center security, and today, we are announcing the latest addition to our arsenal: the FortiGate 6001F. This innovative next-gen firewall is designed to meet the changing infrastructure dynamic facing the modern data center, providing greater performance, protection, inspection, and concurrent sessions and connections across the board—at less than half the industry’s average price point. Tailored for data center core and edge deployments, this innovative solution also introduces a revolutionary pay-as-you-grow model that aligns seamlessly with the demands of contemporary cybersecurity, allowing you to pay for the performance you need now and quickly scale as your data center demands evolve.

The FortiGate 6001F, however, is just one piece of our comprehensive data center firewall portfolio, which includes the FG-1000F Series, FG-1800F Series, FG-2600 Series, FG-3200F Series, FG-3500F Series, FG-3700F Series, FG-4000F Series, FG-6300F Series, FG-6500F Series, and FG-7000F Series. Each of these models is engineered to provide top-tier threat protection and a multitude of ports to meet the unique demands of your data center.

  • FG-1000F Series: Delivering exceptional threat protection throughput with up to 520 Gbps, this series ensures your data center remains safeguarded against today’s evolving threats.

  • FG-1800F Series: With integrated zero-trust network access (ZTNA), the FG-1800F Series provides an extra layer of security and access control.

  • FG-2600F Series: Designed for VXLAN deployments, this series seamlessly integrates into your network architecture, enhancing security in virtualized environments.

  • FG-3200F Series: Offering ultra-low latency, the FG-3200F Series ensures minimal delays in data processing, which is critical for real-time applications.

  • FG-3500F Series: Equipped with 400GE built-in ports, this series supports the latest networking standards, ensuring high-speed data transmission.

  • FG-3700F Series: Designed for demanding environments, the FG-3700F Series combines robust threat protection with scalability.

  • FG-4000F Series: With integrated ZTNA and VXLAN support, this series is a versatile choice for today’s modern data centers.

  • FG-6300F Series: Designed for high-capacity data centers, the FG-6300F Series provides unmatched threat protection and scalability.

  • FG-6500F Series: With 400GE built-in ports and ultra-low latency, this series is ideal for data centers requiring high-performance networking.

  • FG-7000F Series: Offering a broad range of threat protection and port options, the FG-7000F Series caters to the most demanding data center environments.

The FortiGate 6001F: Redefining Data Center Security

The FortiGate 6001F next-gen firewall is engineered to provide the utmost in threat protection and adaptability, addressing the critical use cases many organizations face.

One of the biggest hurdles for many organizations is the cost of entry for an enterprise-class data center firewall. The FortiGate 6001F provides an innovative PAYG model that enables businesses to secure their data centers with an affordable base configuration while providing the flexibility to scale firewall performance effortlessly as data traffic grows. This scalability, ranging from 30 to 100 Gbps in threat protection, ensures that organizations only pay for the traffic performance they need—a particularly cost-effective approach for businesses with fluctuating workloads or those initiating new projects.

The other challenge is the need for robust security that can keep up with the volume and performance demands of today’s data centers. The FortiGate 6001F is designed to seamlessly adapt to varying edge deployment requirements, offering unprecedented deployment flexibility. This adaptability underscores our commitment to providing a solution that aligns with the dynamic nature of modern data centers and its need to interoperate with cloud-based applications and deployments.


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