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Introducing the webcam for every workspace

Cisco is proud to deliver innovations like the Cisco Desk Camera 4K to drive impactful collaboration experiences during a time when we as people were craving human connection. Many of our offices shifted overnight from a centralized place where we convened to a highly distributed footprint. This rightfully changed the conversation on what we need from our employers and our technology to be productive, happy, and engaged. To deliver on this need, we’re introducing the Cisco Desk Camera 1080p, giving people the ability to stay connected, look great, and feel included in meetings.

Expanding the Desk Camera Series

We are doubling down on this commitment to build USB cameras, by expanding the Cisco Desk Camera series to include two webcams: the previously available Cisco Desk Camera 4K and the new Cisco Desk Camera 1080p.

The Desk Camera 1080p is a beautiful, compact USB webcam. It’s retained much of the magic from the 4K version in an affordable package. Like the Desk Camera 4K, the Desk Camera 1080p will also have:

  • Face detection to deliver best-in-class auto-exposure, auto-focus, and white balance

  • Dual omni-directional microphones with noise reduction

  • Built-in privacy shutter (that when closed switches the video streaming off entirely)

Our new camera supports up to 83° field of view, resolutions up to 1080p, and the same great mounting clip to perch it on top of displays, laptops, or tripods so that it can be used anywhere.

Delivering new software experiences

In addition to delivering on new hardware, we are also bringing new features and integrations that matter the most for users. The Desk Camera App, used to adjust your webcam settings, will now support both the 4K and 1080p cameras. In addition, it will include new features such as defining presets for pan, tilt, and zoom settings, as well as image tuning, presets so that you can switch between more natural or vibrant color tones/contrast or even customize your own depending on your environment, skin tones, or personal preference.

Integrated where it matters

The Cisco Desk Camera series are plug-and-play webcams that support your preferred conferencing workloads and deliver best-in-class integrations when you’re working in Webex.

We are enhancing the experience by including integrations into the Webex App for configuring settings and receiving automatic firmware upgrades directly within the app. For our IT Administrators, the Desk Camera series are fully managed peripherals integrated into Control Hub for management, and inventory, and will ensure your end users are having the premium experience the cameras are designed to deliver.

For more information on how to buy this product, please contact us at:


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