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Guest WiFi Solution

Drive revenue directly from your guest WiFi

Purple cloud-based WiFi platform provides an overlay to your existing WiFi infrastructure, so no extra hardware is required. Setup is seriously quick – we’re talking under an hour – and everything is managed via an online portal.

When visitors connect to WiFi, Purple captive portal captures key contact and demographic information – compliantly of course – which allows you to get to know your visitors, quickly analyze data, and follow up with personalized marketing campaigns.


  • Improve the experience: Deliver a frustration-free WiFi connection for visitors and customize their experience

  • Increase visitor return rates: Keep your business front of mind with automated messaging and personalized content

  • Improve operations: Use visitor data, trends, and feedback to help you make better and well-informed business decisions.

  • Drive revenue: Encourage visitors to return and spend, charge for WiFi and make the most of advertising opportunities.

A beautiful, branded and seamless login experience for your visitors

Manage every step of your visitor WiFi experience, from login methods and beautifully designed splash pages to branding, promotions, and advertising. You can even connect with social to allow visitors to log in quickly using their social media credentials.

If you want to know more about the solution, please reach out at:


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