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3CX Contact Center

Deliver your clients the 5-star customer service experience

Customer service depends greatly on the mindset of the individual or company but there are also various processes that can be put in place to improve the experience. These processes can vary depending on how the organization operates but good communication, speed of resolution, and motivating employees to do their very best is common across all. In this wave, we will outline how 3CX can provide your clients with the 5* customer service experience you have been looking for.

Offer multiple communication channels

Good communication is the foundation of a 5* customer service experience. By incorporating multiple channels, you can strengthen the relationship between your customers and agents. 3CX offers this exact solution with contact center features, including:

Advanced call queues

  • Queue strategies such as least talk time and skills-based routing will ensure your customer's call is serviced as quickly as possible

  • Enable callback options so that customers don't have to wait on hold but their position in the queue is maintained.

  • Announce the caller’s position in the queue so that they know they will be spoken to, soon.

Live chat

  • Incorporate Live Chat into your website so that customers browsing your site can get their answers quickly before they move to a different site

  • Allow visitors to elevate their chat message to a voice call with a single click so that the same agent can speak to the customer, preventing the need to dial any numbers or explain the request again

  • Create multiple live chat queues so that customers get straight to the appropriate team quickly. (e.g. Sales & Service)

  • Agents can quickly and easily transfer chat conversations to another, perhaps more experienced agent.

Facebook messenger & SMS

  • Anyone can deal with Facebook messages to make sure the customer service experience is spread across all communication channels.

  • Incorporating business SMS messaging gives the business a professional appearance so that staff do not have to use their personal/private number.

  • Giving your customers updates via SMS with the latest offers and deals keeps you at the forefront of their attention, resulting in potential additional revenue.

Aim for speed in resolving problems

Think about it. A customer contacts a business for some sort of sales question or service request. They are immediately greeted by name and the agent instantly has a history of previous interactions and purchases. This is not too good to be true. 3CX can help your teams solve problems faster than ever before with some neat features.

CRM integration

  • Integrate your 3CX with Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zoho, and more

  • Incoming calls are matched to records within your CRM or ticketing system so that you can give that personal greeting.

  • Customer interactions are tracked or journaled so that your entire team is immediately aware of previous interactions without having to assign customers to specific agents.

  • Launch calls directly from your CRM system to save time entering numbers or copying and pasting.

Sync your Microsoft 365 account

  • Create a synergy between 3CX and your Microsoft 365 that makes tasks even easier and quicker.

  • Ensure your complete team is available when needed by automatically switching forwarding profiles based on your calendar status so agents don’t forget to log into queues

  • Keep customer records up to date by syncing the contacts on both platforms and managing them directly in Microsoft 365.

Measure and reward the right things

Customer service can be monitored and measured by certain metrics. When a business is finding that customer expectations are not being met or complaints are rising, it is critical to review how the internal teams are operating to see if there is any room for improvement. Once these areas are identified, employees can then be motivated and measured to see what improvement they make.

Use the powerful built-in reports

  • 3CX can report against many different metrics to help evaluate customer service levels and agent performance.

  • Call queues can be set up with an SLA value to ensure that calls are answered within a certain time frame. This can then be reported against regularly.

  • Reporting on live chat performance is vital as this channel is fast emerging to be a very popular customer choice in how to connect with a company.

Live and retrospective training

  • Use 3CX to record calls for training sessions to improve how agents deal with your customers.

  • Queue administrators can listen in, whisper and barge into calls in real-time to help fledgling agents make that vital first impression.

For more information and product demos, feel free to reach out at:


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