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Microsoft Azure Road Show

What a day!

SamaWave team invited a large group of clients to its Conference Event hosted at the Crown Plaza Hotel. The Title was: "Microsoft Azure Road Show". It was one of the most successful events SamaWave has ever made.

It started at 9:30 am with a coffee offering plus some warm gathering among SamaWave clients and registration fulfillment. Then at 10:00 am our speaker "Roshan Yalaburgi" an IaaS Solution consultant from IngramMicro (an international Microsoft distributor), he has introduced what Microsoft Azure is all about. The best infrastructure as a service platform in the market today.

Roshan continued the session explaining about the basic components of Microsoft Azure platform (Compute,Storage,Network) and the choices/differences in each of these categories.

A live demo of creating a virtual machine in Azure took place in front of all of the attendees within FIVE minutes. During the day, SamaWave offered two very special promos exclusively to the audience of that event... We will keep it a secret among who attended ;)

At the end of the event, SamaWave has distributed a small appreciation gifts to three of the clients who has participated in the digital transformation challenge across 2018/2019.

A memorial photo was taken before going to lunch to talk about what has been discussed in the session.

Thanks to all who attended.. and to whom who didn't: See you in the next one :)

Special thanks to Ingram Micro ( our Microsoft Distributor ) for sponsoring this event ...

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