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Wireless KRACKed !

If you think your wireless security settings are secure enough, think again!

Several critical new security vulnerabilities (generally known as Key Reinstallation AttaACKs, or KRACKs) have just been announced that affect wireless networks using either a pre-shared key (password) or 802.1x (centralized authentication via a server) to authenticate users. Nine of these vulnerabilities require client operating system updates to patch user devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. (Microsoft has released a patch at this time). However, one vulnerability in particular affects most wireless vendors — including Cisco Meraki — and targets Fast Secure Roaming (a.k.a Fast BSS Transition, or FT) capabilities inherent in the 802.11r protocol. it means that an attacker would theoretically be able to inject ransomware or other malware into otherwise benign websites. This would make it easier to infect those users who tend not to download sketchy attachments, or visit the darker ends of the Internet. Cisco Meraki issued a firmware upgrade that stops this attack immediately this week (mid of October 2017).

If you have any other wireless devices and you use WPA-Enterprise security (which is the majority of clients do) , please upgrade the firmware and make sure it's protected against this new KRACK!

SamaWave is ready to upgrade the Meraki wireless devices firmware for all of our customers FOR FREE.. Reach out to our team and schedule a session NOW.

Note: This offer is valid until the end of October 2017

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