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Cisco Umbrella, a Cloud Security gateway

Do you have a strong Firewall implemented in your infrastructure? do you have a web security gateway like a proxy or filtering solution?

if you don't already have the above, you may need to quickly take action. and if you do, it should be effective in protecting the users in your premises from stealth attacks and malware ransomware. But what about the users who can take their laptop outside of your protected network premises?

SamaWave finally found the solution to many clients problems in keeping their employees laptops secure even out of Head Office Secure network.

Cisco Umbrella Cloud Service

It's perfect for All companies that have 25+ users!

Features and Benefits:

  • It's completely Cloud, Per user License.. No Hardware needed.

  • works inside the Head office network as well as when users access internet out of office with their laptops (with the same exact policies!)

  • Block access to any malicious website that has Malware or harming content (Before the user can even see it!).

  • Can add any website to block list or allow list. Create user list with policies as you prefer.

  • Integrates with Active directory for complete visibility and control.

  • Stops 50 to 98 percent more attacks than firewalls and antivirus alone by pointing your internet traffic to Umbrella DNS.

SamaWave team has produced a video that explains the solution briefly, Check it out below:

Let us know if you require more details and we will be glad to assist.

Reach out to us: at

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