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Network Solutions

Today's networks have developed into a sophisticated mesh with a lot of silos that requires dedicated resources for management and maintenance. SamaWave can provide numerous approaches to design, implement and maintain the network infrastructure since Samawave team have wide experience in structured cabling, LAN , wireless , Unified Communications and most importantly Network Security Solutions. Since those are the basic elements that any modern organization should have, Samawave has achieved many partnership with the leader vendors in each of the elements respectively to acomodate our clients needs and protect their investment.       


Productivity Solutions

Time has come to make a plan for how to integrate cloud services into every business. Mean while Samawave will guide you forecast and execute your jump in a smooth and steady way to cloud business solutions whether it's email or other productivity and communications tools, backup and storage solutions. Samawave team is available to assist and guide to offer your employees and customers the kind of service that will increase efficiency and upscale the innovations while protecting your data and work flow.

SamaWave is committed to offer ways help you manage the challenge of evolving business models by keeping it simple and manageable   


Monitoring Solutions

Building the perfect data center or implementing a new IT network solution is great but what about maintaining it and keeping it in check? The vast majority of problems that arise in a network are directly related to something changing. The best network monitoring solutions will not only alert you to these changes, but will also help you troubleshoot the issue by allowing you to compare your network’s current state with what it looked like before the change. Monitoring Solutions serves as your eyes-and-ears. SamaWave offers a Network Monitoring Solution that can take care of that in addition to alert you in case of any critical accident to your IT Infrastructure how ever small or huge.


Why SamaWave


In a market filled with numerous  IT companies, very few offer a high standard quality. Either your business is too small for them to support or your project is treated like a deal with a target number that they can get it over with jumping to the next customer who will be treated the same way. SamaWave is built upon the concept that all clients are equally important, How ever small size the company or huge We commit on delivering the same professionalism standards and spare no efforts in delivering the highest quality of work possible. It's because SamaWave really cares to make a successful story in every single opportunity we work on, That is our ever lasting story. 


SamaWave is making its way to look for and partner with leading world class IT innovative vendors that are delivering the best solution at a competitive price. Our team is always searching for the next big technology that maps with our clients needs to drive their businesses into the next level. Our creative intellectual and long experienced team have this objective: Deliver the latest and greatest IT Solutions to our clients maintaining the integrity of openness and transparency of the pros and cons of every step of the way.   


SamaWave is following a step by step process to deliver the best world class service possible. We rely on the PMI standards in handling the projects starting from the initial meeting where the client requirements have been presented until the project is handed over with the documentation in hands. The team look for the most suitable solution for the client needs , then evaluates the suggestion with our experts and consultants to end up offering the final offer. Getting the project is only a step for us not the objective.. getting the clients highest satisfaction is our most valued goal.  



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