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Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management

MDM provides total management for mobile and PC. Provision settings and restrictions, manage inventory and device tracking, remote wipe an entire device or selectively just the managed apps and data, and remotely view and live troubleshoot using the included native remote desktop support.

Endpoint, network, and app security in one platform.

Endpoint, network, and app security in one platform.

Systems Manager lays the foundation for a zero-trust security model with Meraki and Cisco security integrations.


Dynamically adjust access and enforce network security policy based on device compliance.


Evaluate risk in real time and use remote desktop and direct command line to troubleshoot.


Automatically authenticate identity based on SM installation status with Duo. ​

Extra security without extra work.

Scalability and security via intelligent automation.

  • Automatically import configurations from security applications and deploy changes to thousands of devices within a few clicks

  • Deliver unrivaled security based on network status with real-time monitoring and remote remediation

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