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Cisco Webex Wireless phone

Enterprise grade calling over WLAN

The Cisco Webex Wireless Phone 800 Series delivers enterprise-grade voice over IP via wireless, handheld devices. The Webex Wireless Phones provide an application platform that enables third-party applications in a variety of enterprise environments, including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. These environments require a device that can withstand abuse, while simultaneously enabling users to access information and collaborate quickly and securely with other team members. Webex Wireless Phones deliver security with AES encryption that ensures secure voice-over-Wi-Fi functionality.

The 800 series phones are built to leverage Cisco Unified Communications Manager for call control. Users can take advantage of common enterprise voice features like conference, transfer, and call park. Administrators will relish the ability to manage productivity-enhancing applications through Cisco Meraki Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or alternately through other third-party EMM providers. Users will achieve new levels of success through collaboration applications like Cisco Webex Teams, which is included in the phones.

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