Digital Advertising Solution

Providing you with a platform to Get Your Customer Attention and Drive their Purchasing Decision when they visit


Advertise your brand the way it should and manage how/when/where it shows up! 


Engage with your customers with the latest offer story you want to deliver out there


Providing you with numbers of viewers for each advertising location!


High Quality support is available so you can take care of your selling, and leave the platform for our engineers.

Benefits and Advantages of our Digital Advertising Service Platform

  •  Build a Brand audience by a comprehensive visualization that can deliver a high class message that your brand deserve. 


  • Influence Consumer Behaviour Digital Signage Provide a platform to deliver right messages at the right time and at the right place to influence consumer behaviour. Use of eye-catching video, graphics and animated text can help gain interest of shoppers


  • Deliver promotions to your customers in a new engaging way and eye catching method.

  • Increase Customer loyalty when clients see how modern you're interacting and presenting your products, they will pay more attention to your products. 

  • Enhance your store environment  bring aspects of online shopping to the store and give your customers a complete shopping experience.

  • Have the Flexibility to change your advertising with specific time at a specific run rate Whether displaying new product, broadcasting an in-store event, we can help you achieve your goals.  

Who can Use This Solution Platform?

Any business with a product to sell ! 

Below are examples of who can use our Advertising Solution Platform:

  • A new product line to lunch.

  • A promotion on selected or all items.

  • A special event to announce.

  • A message to your employees on specific occasion 

  • Holidays announcements.

  • and many many more.

We care to deliver the best results out of this platform and help you deliver your message in quick and reliable way no matter what you business need is, SamaWave team is here for you.


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